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All Missing Person Alerts are time critical. Make sure to call the Police IMMEDIATELY, then post your alert with us. Click here to get started.

Beta Development

We are in the beginning stages of developing a robust system that includes a mobile phone application, automatic website postings and email alerts. While we are developing this, we are encouraging our members to post their alerts on our Facebook Page to all our members. All Facebook Alerts will be synced with our Twitter Page so our members there will see your alerts as soon as you post on Facebook. To learn how to post an alert to our members, CLICK HERE.

Importance of Missing Person Alerts

We are all familiar with Amber Alert and their successes. They have proven without a doubt that when we are informed of our local child abductions, we as a community step up and help out!

Although Amber Alert is great and deserves our respect and attention, it is hard for the police to get an alert issued through them. Amber Alert has very specific requirements that must be met before the police can broadcast an alert through them, which are understandable, but they do tie the hands of the police which results in too many cases not being broadcasted to the public. This is why Neighbourhood Alert was created.

As a private company, we are not held to the same restrictions that Amber Alerts are. We will issue all Missing Person Alerts for all persons of any age and reason of disappearance. Whether it is a child abduction, a runaway teenager a missing adult or an elderly person who suffers from dementia and has wandered away, your alert will be seen!

Neighbourhood Alert was born from the belief that communities across Canada will step up and help ALL MISSING PERSONS. Everyone deserves an Alert, and that is what we are here to provide!

Please Note: With a Missing Person Alert, we ask that you DO NOT go out and look. We ask only that you be aware of your surroundings, the people within it and to report what you have seen as it relates to an alert. We don't want anyone to mess up a crime scene or wreck any possible evidence for the Police or Search and Rescue Teams. If you wish to get involved with your local search and rescue efforts, you will need to join your local Search and Rescue Team and they will train you in the proper techniques etc., so that you may help them when the Police ask for their assistance.

Join Your Local Search and Rescue Team!

Do you know where or how to join your local Search and Rescue Team? It is our goal to provide you with a one stop shop (registration forms, information, training etc) for all the Canadian Search and Rescue Teams here, on our website. While we work on this, we found a good site that provides links to Canadian Search and Rescue Teams websites that may be of interest to you, CLICK HERE.

Make sure to check out our Blog often! We are hoping to get some interesting stories and tips from Canadian SAR Teams on a regular basis that is sure to be entertaining and helpful!

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